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Online shopping is just so easy and convenient. But what usually is less fun, is trying to get hold of the parcel with your order. And while on the one side there are annoyed online shoppers who have to endure the hassle of seizing their parcels, on the other side there are the delivery guys and gals stressed close to burn-out by struggling to meet deadlines and delivery targets. 
And there even is a community aspect here, if not a global one, when you consider the fleet of delivery trucks stuck on congested streets as well as their environmental footprint.
Packmate ist the One-Click-Solution to all these troubles. 
Join us and find your packmate or become a packmate now!




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Gain control of your online orders’ whereabouts!

You’re home, but your online purchase isn’t? Odyssey to the next parcel pick-up station? Waiting in line forever, or in front of closed doors even?

Enough is enough!

Find a packmate you trust at the location most convenient for you and have your online purchases delivered there.


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retail stores, local businesses and community heros!

Take delivery of your customers’ parcels and become even more well-known and better integrated in your local community by providing a service your customers will highly value … so much that they will come to your location more frequently and with an attitude of appreciation.


Become a packmate now!

Andreas Vollmost

For more than 10 years Andreas has been working in strategy-, organization- and management-related areas and continuously aspires to surprise with the unexpected by thinking big and global without losing sight of the essential details. Influenced by his international work experience in China, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines his target-oriented and determined approach to generate added value for his clients' business is fine-tuned to account for the cultural and organizational framework.

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Drop us your email address or a note to get the latest pre-launch info or to share your feedback with us.


Diabelligasse 3/5/1, 1130 Vienna


Tel: +43 (0)664 1607865

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